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HELLO 2016, BYE 2015 (part 1)

by Jean

Happy new year folks! Wish you all the best for 2016, especially tons of great new records, shows, new bands…whatever! So far this year has been pretty tough for me but, honestly, it has also been one of the most important years of my 28 years of existence on this planet. I’d like to thank all my friends and family for their support, all the DROIDxRAGE crew for being cooler than cool, and all the people I’ve met working on this website: Swedes – don’t forget /!\ FREE LINUS /!\, Gabriel, Leo, Joel, Emelie, Filil, Tor, Klas; UK – Paolo, Connor, Tom, MERCY, Ben, Jérémie, Sam, Rodney, Luke; Americans, Balaram Shakti Das (AKA Gjared), Lucas, Jean-Pierre, Connor; Canada: Karl; Brazil: Athos; Belgium: Jens; Bulgaria: Nikolay;  Australia: the Fitzsimmons twin brothers; Germany: Adrian; France: Alexis and Alexis(!) Elyas, Antoine… (sorry for those I forgot!)

Here is my 2015 top releases (photo credits (c)myself)

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HIRO.K aka God168 -Loyal To The Grave And Deacon.

By Ed


Ive been wanting to do something new with my dude Hiro for a while now.

Hes a really solid dude and is two killer Japanese Hardcore bands not only that but he’s co owner of Nerds Records Tokyo.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with him and actually seeing Deacon while I was In Tokyo last summer.

Give him a follow on Twitter & IG – @god168






DR – Hiro my brother!

how are you dude? How’s the Weather in Tokyo right now, still cold?

HK -Hi, ED. Yup Here is Still cold but Cherry Blossom was awesome. Means spring comes!


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Warzone – Tokyo 12,03,1995

By Ed



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Nerds Records,Shibuya,Tokyo

by Ed


So I just took a trip to Tokyo and while I was there I took a trip to Nerds Records.

It’s an awesome store right in the heart of Shibuya. I’d go as far as saying they pretty much have anything you want there in regards to punk and hardcore. While I was there a delivery came with records from Iron To Gold ,Iron Curtain and some other Euro bangers.


My dude Hiro from Deacon was working and was real cool and mad helpful.

Heres a little back ground on the store by Hiro.

Nerds opened April, 2014 by RETRIBUTION NETWORK / ICE GRILL$.
Owner is me(God168) and Mizuki.
Im distribting hardcore music and mizuki is spreading pop punk music at here. We share both music at nerds and spread each other.
I would say that anyone looking for some real music while in Tokyo should check out Nerds!

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Otus: Spring/Summer Tour Dates – Japan

By: Ed


Otus are playing some shows May,June,July if your in Japan go check them! 

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YOYO T- Soul Vice – Interview

By: Ed


I love finding new awesome Hardcore bands from abroad and I knew YOYO Tome from Tokyo, Japan, had this band  Soul Vice and they had just been signed to Back To Back Records. So I checked them out and actually posted about them around a month ago. I knew I wanted to interview them so I got in contact with YOYO with some questions and I have also been in contact with Tats, the drummer.

Good dudes, good music!


DR: First off introduce yourself,and tell us a bit about how Soul Vice got started?


YT: Hi, Im YOYO-T.

We have 6 members, C.S, Doc-P and me are on vocal, Boo(Gu.), Rebel93(Bass), Tats(Drum)

Member of DOGGY HOOD$, AS WE LET GO and DOMINATE. Therefore SOUL VICE is kind of project band.

When we started SOUL VICE Boo, C.S and I used to talk like g why dont we start new band for pleasure he and invited other homies then officially started.


DR:  So your Name ‘Soul Vice’…You must be big TUI fans?

 soul vice firstshow

YT: Of course we do love TUI!!

Ifm doing Hardcore label which is called BOWLHEAD, released their Japanese edition and conducted Japanese tour. I and them are very good friends since then. So I asked him to put his shout on our first demo. I liked the sound of the words g SOUL VICE so I put the name on the band.


DR:  How is the Hardcore scene in Japan I’m only just starting to get interested in it I don’t think ppl in Europe generally know much about it?


YT: I don’t think so because my homies SAND, DOGGY HOOD$, EDGE OF SPIRIT released from European label. Also they had European tour and got good feedback then. In addition to that NUMB, CREEPOUT, LOYAL TO THE GRAVE often go to American tour and guess they are known in Europe.

On the other hand, 80fs Japanese hardcore akaJapcore has an enormous popularity.  Most of the bands who visited Japan get some JAPCORE records.


DR: You’re on Back To Back now right? How did that come about with them being an American label?


YT: I been good friends of COLD WORLD and TITLE FIGHT because I supported to draw their design for their merchandises. When TITLE FIGHT came to Japan Neil of BTB came together with them and I just hanged out with him. I asked him to release and he answered  The answer made me very happy. We may release something in a few months or within this year.

DR:  Do you have plans to play out of Japan in future?


YT: Not at all so far. We definitely go if we would have a chance.

DR: What’s your favourite subject to write lyrics about?


YT: Not singing about deep meaning. Like chilling song as usual.

DR: You have some pretty cool artwork. I know Chun did you a piece- what other Artists have you worked with?

YT: I designed by myself except for first one which is drawn by CHUNONE. Because I like to design merchandises since before.

And we made long bill hat as double name with my friend who is doing brand called Winiche & Co.h, it was awesome and very satisfied with it.


DR:  What old school Hardcore/punk bands are you really into?


Should never lose STRAIGHT AHEAD as well!!

DR: What do you do when your hanging out not playing music?

YT: Get along together, drinking and having a night out. Party hard every night but very tired hahahaha


DR:  I’m really into Japanese Collectables- one of my favourites being Kinnikuman. Do you guys collect anything like that?

YT: Kinnikuman!! Very good old days!! I used to collect gum figures of Kinnikuman.

Collect nothing special recently. I spent a lot of money for drinking before collecting something hahahaha

DR: What kind of crowds do you like to play to?

YT: It would be great if we can play many different people as much as possible

DR: Is there much Straight Edge Hardcore in Japan?

YT: I Dont so much care who the SxE is because Im not SxE. But there are some SxE guys around me and get along with them


DR: I’m planning on coming to Tokyo in the Summer… what should I defiantly go and do? And where is cool for shows?

YT; You can enjoy Tokyo because a lot of cities and places although very small.

Antiknock Shinjuku is best venue for hardcore show.

DR: Thanks for the interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers?

YT: Big shout out to DroidxRage for giving us this opportunity!! I really want everyone to check Japanese bands because a lot of cool bands in Japan other than us.


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