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September the 13th 2014 : TRUE COLORS

By Tieuma

AHC (for Antwerp Hardcore Collective) is sure reknown for throwing some heavy parties when it comes to hardcore. The same year, they succeed to brought back to life Justice, which was unbelivable for me. When Not Afraid played that afternoon, Paco had a leg broken, and still no one in the room gave more energy than him. Considering that, I was way too excited about seeing True Colors.

This True Colors show was my first one (I’m a young fella you know) and maybe the last one, that’s what was written on the flyer though, and it was maybe the best show I came to so far. It seems a little bit overrated, but it’s just sentimental; it took me almost ten hours, out of five planned, to get there, I missed all the band before True Colors, I even thought it was too late for them, and maybe it wasn’t the perfect show of I-don’t-know-which-era with the original line-up, I couldn’t excpect something more.

I’m only focusing on True Colors in this review first and foremost because of the sentimental thing explained on the above. The other bands are also important and I’m pretty sure, even though I missed them, they totally killed it that night, it’s more a tribute to True Colors.

I didn’t found good quality videos, so if anyone got a footage, please feel free to share it.

True Colors set list :


Growing Concern

Coming Through


For what it´s worth

Honesty (Youth Of Today cover)

Human Touch

Don’t You Get It


The Way To Myself

Walk The Line


Focus On The Light

Consider It Done

(Those pictures are more or less in chronological order)

Anecdotes, story and whatever :

I may be bragging about this, but it took me litteraly ten hours to get there. It was awfull, at some point I even thought I’d miss the bus to comeback. Because yes, I came there by bus, and everytime I was doing it, everything went just well, and this time, for True Colors, it was the shitiest trip I’ve made. Getting to the venue (and it took me a lot of time) I showed up my ticket and the warder send me a look like “fuckin moron only coming for the big band”. I’m still sorry, it wasn’t my intention, I really wanted to see all the show.

Even with all this mess, it was still worth it. Great show for me.

At this show, it wasn’t Hinkey playing bass for the band but Christian of Not Afraid. I found it pretty cool still, because even though he clearly had a hard time with these songs, his presence on stage was worth the look (point that finger man !)

There was a guy (I hope he can be seen on the picture) who strapped a GoPro camera on his hand and just moshedfilm everything. If you are reading this, I’m still curious to see what the footage looks like.

I don’t speak dutch, so if anyone have something looking like a translation, I’m taking it because I didn’t understand a thing he was saying in between Enough and The Way To Myself.

In the middle of the set, Philip worried about the monitors on the sides of the stage, and it was justified, people were using it as a launcher, so it took some heavy pounding. Packo told that to the divers, whom didn’t listen and dove way more harder. Still sorry Philip.

Seeing them for the first time, I couldn’t recognized some songs with only one guitar, it felt like I didn’t know them, at all, I’m still ashamed.

Some random guy on my side of the stage tried to speak to Christian who just looked at him the weirdest way, the guy was so pissed I’m still laughing at it.

During “Don’t You Get It” there was a human wreck, including Packo, it looked really violent since guy just smashed the corner of the stage with his body (I don’t remember which part though) and the funniest thing is that everyone tried to get Packo back up the stage while this guy was hurt, somewhere. I didn’t was him after that. Hope you’re fine dude.

Talking about Packo, he was still less impressive than this time he had a leg broken. But the way he moves on stage is still really heart warming as it’s funny.

Focus On The Light was complete mess, as much as Consider It Done. And for each song Packo was totally psyched.

The crowd was full of very different people, young and old, girls and guys (or whatever the genre you feel close to), not only from belgium, and I’m glad this band moved so many people still, and again, it was a superior quality show for me.

Focus on the light

Shout out for the photos to :


Call Me Killer

An Maes (I guess)

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