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By: Ed


Ive known Paolo Gaiarsa since 2006, hes a good guy.

He drums in this skate Punk band Jaywalk that have just released a 6 track demo called No Compromise on Ugly Dog Records.

If you like skate punk check it out 






Bio by Paolo

basically we are old friends and 3 of us started skateboarding in the late 80’s early 90’s.

the other 2 guys are little bit younger but all of us are just from the same city and we skate.

We just play punk hc music since this is what we like and we just do it for fun. Nothing else.

I am the only sxe in the band and the only vegan  but some are veggie but non sxe.

whatever. Hope you’ll like our demo and soon we are going to rec the full lp.


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