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(Jim Eaton, Steve Keeley (SK in the interview), Jeff Terranova (JT) and Jon Field(JF))

A few months ago Ed did this great Smorgasbord Records column for the website and, if you are used to read some of the stuffs I post here you already know my year 1988 passion, when UP FRONT released their first LP “Spirit” on this same record company run by UF members. To me, this year is really fascinating concerning hardcore punk History because when I have a conversation with older pals who are into hardcore since the early days (around 1981/1982) and who aren’t straight edge (I mean, some of them could have been non-smoking or non-drinking individuals) they sometimes believe 1988 was the celebration of the “fall” of hardcore punk mainly because of the explosion of straight edge/youth crew bands and their almost puritan lifestyles and values you could red about reading the lyrics of their songs. It is not about the fact people decides not to drink or use drugs, it’s more because they remind how some straight edge “gangs” were intolerant towards other people, other bands. Plus, youth crew bands are known around the Internet because of their “positive lifestyle”, whereas some of nowadays younger straight edgers are definitely into some “you drink, you suck” mentality, which isn’t “posi” at all in my humble opinion. I was born in 1988, started listening to hardcore punk in the early 2000s, I just DON’T GIVE A FUCK about people’s choices and I don’t like to waste my time with stupid and boring people, whether they drink, smoke or do drugs. Life’s too short for constantely searching for the Truth or the right people to hang out with. Some people are interesting, including Steve, Jeff and Jon (former UP FRONT members) who nicely answered to my questions a few months ago. Thank you guys!


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