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COMBATANT 2015 demo came out fall 2015 and I wasn’t able to cop one of these awesome tapes back at the time, to be honest I just ordered a copy from S&A because I got in touch with Tyler who sings in the band and it reminds me that I did not own a copy yet. This is a tape I really like. This is definitly some kind of straightforward hardcore punk for those who share the same tastes than me, these six songs are sharpened as fuck and without compromise, with an old school vibe. I was pretty curious about what Tyler could tell me about his band because there’s not much info on the Internet, hope you’ll like this!

by Jean


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Conversation With Death : Jacob Henderson – Bitter End

By Tieuma
Climate Of Fear by BITTER END might be one of my key records. Despite it’s one of the few tough-souding records that doesn’t sound that tough, it has also a lot to say, in an really smart way. I think I went through it a lot of times and I still enjoy it a lot. For a while, I didn’t heard much news of the bands, playing shows here and there and posting a picture from time to time. At some point I even thought it was over.
And then they announced they were hitting studio to record some new songs, and damn I couldn’t wait for this record to see the light. At the same time, I was a bit worried, because I loved their previous work so much I was expecting a lot out of this new release. Well, I got to say I wasn’t disapointed. It might not be on the same level as Climate Of Fear, it’s one of my favorite record of this year, and without hesitation.
For me it was an opportunity that they released this new records, so it gave me a good reason to interview them, since I wanted to do it for a while but wasn’t very inspired to be honest. But now this problem is solved and I made the step forward to do it. I just want to raise a point though, that suprised me frankly, is when I tried to get in touch with them, someone from Deathwish.Inc answered to me (Stephanie Marlow, shout out to you if you scroll through this). I’m not a journalist or so and dealing with a third party for an interview is kind of unusual to me, in fact I never experienced it, and I don’t know what to think about it but at least I can say I did it the “pro way”.
Aside Stephanie, Jacob, one of the band’s guitarist, is the one who answered the proper interview. Enjoy and if you haven’t yet, listen to this record because it’s a damn blast, period.

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by xjtx



PAINKILLER RECORDS has always been a record label I keep an eye on since the early days and this fact won’t change since I’ve been listening to one of their latest releases dozens and dozens of times on their bandcamp profile. AGGRESSION PACT first 7″‘s out on bandcamp since less than two weeks and this record’s already something I consider to be a hella 2015 release (like a lot of materials I’ll be reviewing today actually!)
AGGRESSION PACT are from Boston, MA and the first thing I can tell about this band is that they maintain Boston’s success in American Hardcore History – like mentionned on PAINKILLER bandcamp profile, a band “in the firing off rounds in the tuneful traditions of BGK, N.O.T.A., A.O.D. and other bands with acronyms for names.” Not forgetting an important detail: AGGRESSION PACT includes in his line-up members of several top American Hardcore bands from the 00s and the 10s (in my humble opinion): WASTE MANAGEMENT, GREEN BERET and MERCY KILLINGS.
AGGRESSION PACT’s sound is so closed to that Boston Hardcore tradition you won’t be surprised to meet both leather & spikes punx and more hockey jocks hardcore kids in their audience! Their tunes are like a call to action. Fast, short and very efficient songs, what would you expect from a good hardcore band?

NEIGHBOURHOOD “Forced To Fight” 7″

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